Workshops on Monday

German agriculture moves into the focus of society. Being a relevant topic, which is widely reported in the media, agriculture, food production or nutrition appear in the news week after week, usually in the context of negative headlines. It seems that at least some consumers do not accept the current methods of food production anymore. Different groups expressed their criticism pursuing certain objectives, which sometimes even opposed the aims pursued by equivalent groups. When it comes to topics, such as straw bedding for farmed animals, there is an obvious conflict between the objectives in favour of environmental protection and in favour of animal welfare.

Of course, old methods shall be abandoned in favour of new processes. However, it is still left unclear, in which manner these processes shall be designed.

There will be four different workshops offering the opportunity to discuss various approaches for the benefit of the environment, animal welfare, consumers and politics. These approaches shall try to harmonize the differences between all groups. They shall be jointly evaluated and shall help to create general guidelines for farmers.