Programme for Monday, 19th June 2017

From 9 am till 9.15 am: Opening speech for the conference in the academy “Franz Hitze Haus“

Ulrich Ryser, President of the IALB
Dr. Waltraut Ruland, leader for consulting of the Agricultural Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia

From 9.15 am till 10.45 am: Specialist presentations in plenum

Presenter of the meeting: Matthias Schulze-Steinmann from the weekly paper “Wochenblatt für Landwirtschaft & Landleben“

From 10.45 am till 11.15 am: break

From 11.15 am till 11.30 am: sketch

From 11.30 am till 12.00 pm: Specialist presentation in plenum

From 12.00 pm till 12.30 pm: Discussions in plenum with lecturers

From 12.30 pm 2 pm: lunch break

Joint lunch in the academy “Franz Hitze Haus“

From 2 pm till 5 pm: workshops

Workshops in the academy “Franz Hitze Haus“, including a coffee break

The topics will be: New possibilities in agriculture and horticulture along with

From 7 pm till 10.30 pm: Social get-together

Social get-together in the building “Speicher 10“, “Speicherstadt“ district, Münster-Coerde

  • Departure at 6.30 pm: a bus shuttle will take you from the academy “Franz Hitze Haus“ (FHH) or bus stop “Aegidiimarkt“
  • Return at 10.45 pm: bus shuttle no. 1 from Speicherstadt to FHH/bus stop Aegidiimarkt
  • Return at 11.30 pm: bus shuttle no. 2 from Speicherstadt to FHH/bus stop Aegidiimarkt